From Our Customers



“I think people are definitely going to want to use Enhance, especially with the continued rising cost of feed. Animals on Enhance seem to be getting better utilization of feed. They never go off of feed either. We recently helped a 4-H member feed Enhance and his steer went from a relatively poor rate of gain to gaining 4.7 pounds per day.”

- Byron Hassel, DVM,
Tarpon Springs, Florida

“The biggest thing we’ve noticed is simply increased eating. They will knock you down to get to the feeder and they never go off of feed when you haul them to a show. There has been a tremendous change in the bowels of our cattle. On Enhance, they don’t get loose when you are pushing them on high feed intake. The cattle have an increased appetite and thus, an increased rate of gain when feeding Enhance.”

- Chris Gilbert, DVM,
Greenville, Ohio

“We have been using Enhance for about a year with great results. We recently had a bull on feed that was not gaining well. Within a week on Enhance, his appetite increased and he is now gaining 4.5 pounds per day. On Enhance, they just want to eat more and I’ve never had one go off of feed since we started using this product.”

- Jason Shatto, Shatto Show Cattle
Fort Loramie, Ohio

"The results we’ve had feeding Rowe Jackpot Feeds to our show cattle are the best we’ve had with any feed company. We have used Enhance on non-aggressive eaters and the occasional bloater. It seems to help maintain a healthy stomach and a consistent appetite. Cattle don’t sort it out in the feed pan like other products we’ve used. You only have to use a small amount, which makes it easy to use and travel with. We don’t use every new feed supplement that comes along, but we have used several. Enhance has given us the best results."

Brian Cates, Cates Farms
Modoc, Indiana

“Enhance has worked well for us, and is a great value. You get more return out of your feed because the cattle seem to utilize every thing they eat. When you are weaning calves and using Enhance, there is less weaning stress. The calves are definitely healthier on Enhance and you can really push them hard for extra growth and gain. Enhance also works great in times of stress, like the drought we had this past summer. People should really try to feed Enhance during stressful times - it will show dividends.”

Doug Armstrong
Eldorado, Ohio

“We used Enhance this summer with great success. It improved the appetite of our show cattle and really helped with weight gain. It just seems to keep them at the bunk and looking for feed.”

Doug Six, Blue Mountain Cattle Company
Burton, W.Va.

“We used Enhance this summer with great success. It improved the appetite of our show cattle and really helped with weight gain. It just seems to keep them at the bunk and looking for feed.”

Doug Six, Blue Mountain Cattle Company
Burton, W.Va.

We feed Rowe Jackpot Feed and have had great success with the product. We started using Enhance this past September. We quickly noticed the cattle were eating more feed. On Enhance, they are more aggressive about eating. They eat more, consume more and stay on feed better. I definitely recommend feeding Enhance.

Josh Greenhorn, Greenhorn Cattle Company
Waynesville, Ohio

“We used Enhance for the first time this fall. My bulls got bigger and into show condition more quickly than ever before. One bull went from three pounds of gain per day to 4.3 pounds per day. Through all kinds of weather and the stress of hauling, our Denver display bulls never had a bad day on Enhance – they were always at the bunk.”

Matt Riley, Riley Farms
Marshall, Missouri

"We start our calves on Jackpot .49 as creep feed and feed it clear through sale time. We have a labor day sale, and getting calves ready in time is quite a challenge. The bulk and mass our cattle get from Rowe Jackpot Feed is outstanding. The cattle really respond to this feeding program. No other feed is comparable."

Ron Rutan, RC Show Cattle
Eaton, Ohio

When we started getting ready to go to the shows this fall, we began feeding Enhance two times per day. The bulk and mass our cattle maintained while on the road was unbelievable. All through Harrisburg, Louisville and Denver our cattle never slowed down on intake. Enhance is the single best product I’ve ever used.

Ron Rutan, RC Show Cattle
Eaton, Ohio

We feed Rowe Jackpot and Enhance to all of our show cattle. There is no comparison between the value of Rowe Jackpot Feed and any of the other show feeds we have tried. We feed Jackpot as our creep feed and continue on Jackpot with all of our show and sale cattle. When we add Enhance to Rowe Jackpot, our cattle will go from consuming 2.5% of their bodyweight to an intake of 3% of their bodyweight. We notice an improvement in the overall health of the cattle and with the increased consumption we get added gain, growth and the cattle seem to have more rib and body than before.

Scott Decker, Decker’s Whitehouse Cattle Co.
Columbus, Indiana

“I am consistently amazed with how much feed cattle will eat on Enhance. It increases their intake to a whole new level. They never miss a beat on the road and when you get home from a show, they head straight to the feed bunk.”

Stu Manchester, ALM Show Cattle
Brook, Indiana